Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Highland Games

The Highland Games have been in existence
with the Celtic people since before the dawn
of Christianity. In days past, the gatherings were
essentially war games set out to select the finest warriors
of the clans.
Today the modern games consist of:

1. Caper Toss - Flipping a foot tree trunk (various lengths) end over end.
2. Sheaf Toss - Tossing a bale of straw for height and over a crossbar with a pitchfork
    or by hand.
3. Stone Put - Shot-putting throwing a smooth stone for distance.
4. Weight Throw - Slinging a weight with a chain handle for distance or height.
5. Hammer Throw - Whirling a weight with a wooden handle and releasing it
    backwards for distance.

6. Ax Toss - Toss ax at a target.

My brothers son in law Jimmy competing in a local Highland Games.
He wins every time. He thinks he's hot shit.

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