Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spirit of the Forest - The White Stag

The white stag in Celtic myth is a sign that the other world is near.
As my brother Steve and myself would say a white stag or Buffalo

To the early Christians the white stag symbolized
Christ because of its whiteness and purity. It is also associated with
the sun in early christian icons the sun appears between its antlers.
In Celtic mythology, the stag is a magical creature that can move
between the worlds. As in Ireland many tales have humans transformed
into deer. For example St. Patrick was said to have transformed himself
and his companions into deer in order to escape a trap laid by a pagan king.

In the Welsh tale of Culhwch and Olwen, the stag is one of the
oldest animals in the world, along with the blackbird, the owl, and
the eagle and salmon. The antlers on the white stag are compared to
tree-branches and thus may represent fertility, since they are shed and
re-grown year after year. Antlers also symbolize rejuvenation and rebirth.
Cernunnos, the Celtic horned god, was depicted with the antlers of a stag;
and said to be the god of fertility and plenty and was claimed to be the
lord of the beasts
I have only seen a white deer once in my life locally.
Unfortunately I heard about it's fate as some people cannot resist to
take the life of something that is different and unique in this world.


  1. I Thank you for this. It is a delight to see these images and read your knowledge.
    I am pleased to have discovered your page, and shall frequent it.

  2. Benjamin thanks for the nice compliment. I have fun doing this blog and I hope others like it also. Where do you live at? What country?

  3. Hi, I have just stumbled upon your pages, and had enjoyed reading your posts, would you mind if I re posted one of the white deer pics on to a facebook page that is devoted to Goddess Elen of the trackways, the antlered one. (with a link of course to your pages) blessings to you

  4. Hi Michelle, Thanks for checking out my blog. I enjoying hearing from people who frequent it. I don't mind you posting the photo. I do not own the photo and suppose it is OK to do. Ken