Saturday, September 21, 2013

Maryland Renaissance Festival 2013

The following are some photos of the Maryland Renaissance Festival.
It's always a great time with music and sights and sounds.
I wanted to feature the handy work of sword maker and artist
William Lloyd who has a pavilion at the fair. I encourage everyone
who is visiting this year to stop by and see his incredible work.

William Lloyd's work!

Brother Art with his killer ax making his natural face expression.

I love this knife! Can anyone guess why?

Amazing! Check out the detail on the handle.


Sorry this one is not real clear but all you Viking fans
would love this one.

Dragon carved on a Moose antler!.....Simple amazing!
I hope to go back and enjoy the fair again and also
to see these amazing pieces of art work.
(If they have not been sold!)
If anyone is interested in contacting William Lloyd his
address is 306 West Broadway, Silver City
NM 88O61 or contact him at
or his email address:

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