Saturday, December 5, 2015

Uthred of Bebbanburg from "The Last Kingdom"

  1. This is a drawing I did of my interpertation of Uthred of Bebbanburg from Bernard Cornwells “Saxon Tales” series. If any of you have been watching the “The Last Kingdom” on BBC America you will have your own opinion on how Uthred or anyone else on the show should look. Your own mind creates the charaters in your head and that is one of the beauties of reading. The TV shows have not been following the book exactly and I can except that, hell look what happen to LORD OF THE RINGS..but….Uthred’s sword “Serpent Breath” is a large part of Uthred’s life and it almost has a existence of it’s own. He speaks of it often and also of his hammer amulet that was given to him as a young boy and he never took off. The first series do not speak of either of them much. In the book “Sword Song” Uthred says of his helmet “that it was a glorious thing, polished to any eye-blinding shine, inlaid with silver and crested with a silver wolf’s head. The face plates were decorated with silver spirals. That helmet alone told the enemy he was a bad ass (I just added that) In any event I had a great time doing this drawing. Please excuse the blurry sections. I need to scan this instead of taking a photo. Tell me what you think! Ken

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