Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pictish Art


The Picts were a group of people living in the ancient eastern and northern
area of Scotland in the fourth century.
It is generally accepted that the Picts were not, as once believed a new race,
but were simply the decedents of the already established Iron Age people of 
northern Scotland.
The uncertainty that surrounds the Picts is simply because they left no written
records as seems to be the case for ancient civilizations in the area.
We have no clear vision of how they lived and what there religion consisted of
and general information about there society. All we know of them is from
second hand evidence that has been written from others and their impressions
of the wild Pictish people.
My intent here is not to go into their history but to celebrate their incredible
pieces of art that they left behind in the form of stone, metal, jewelry and small 
objects of rock and bone. As a artist I often imagine that in each tribe there must 
have been a few who were the artisans, who recorded their inspirations and things 
of beauty for their king and members of his group and also to please their creative 
instincts for themselves. What we have of their work stands today. I can imagine the
hundreds of objects and monoliths which did not make thorough the centuries of
time. The large stones which crumbled from wear and tear would vanish away
but perhaps other objects lay waiting to be found in the earth, perhaps in the future.
Like all civilizations they came and went. Lets enjoy what they have left us.

The following are published books on
the Picts and their art.


  1. What's the Sutton Hoo Belt buckle doing here?

  2. You are right my friend....It would be more Anglo Saxon than Pictish.