Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Lure of Knotwork

 They say that interlaced pattern design had its origins late in the Roman
empire and the use of such line work can also be found in
Byzantine structures, Coptic art, Islamic art, Medieval
book drawings, Ethiopian art, Celtic and Viking stone work and
The most noted use of knotwork in the Celtic world of course
can be found in illuminated manuscripts such as
"The Book of Kells, "The Book of Durrow", and "The Lindisfarne Gospels."
It has been said of  "The Book of Kells" that it might be the work of
a angel and not of a man. I have to agree, although I have never seen
it in person.
Those of you who are of Celtic heritage might identify with the beauty
and mystery that knotwork presents. It has always been something
that I admire and seem to be drawn to.  The following are some fine 
examples of ancient as well as modern artists who have kept 
the tradition going and creating amazing works of art.

"The Book of Kells"

Modern day Celtic artist
 Bradley W. Schenck and his web site.

Modern day artist  Ben Crenshaw and his site.

Master Celtic artist Courtney Davis
and his web site

Artist and sculptor Patrick Gallagher
and his website

Artist Michael Carroll and his web site

Fantastic Celtic artist Jen Delyth and her web site

Modern Celtic artist Steve O'Loughlin and his web site

My favorite tattoo artist KNOTTY-INKS from deivantart.
see the link

Some other fine photos of Celtic knotwork I have taken
myself or got from the web.

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