Monday, August 5, 2013

The Old Sledge Hammer

I was looking around in my Uncle's barn and
found this old sledge hammer handle. It looked
all beat up and worn out. I could tell in it's
life time it had seen allot of work. The end of it
was broke off where someone had snapped off
the head and never restored it again. So I felt
inspired to try to give it back some life.
Now the week before I had just bought a wood
burning kit. I had never used one before so I thought
why not lets try some designs on the ole sledge hammer
handle. Those of you who have used a wood burning
kit before know that they work best on soft wood
such as pine or bass wood. This hammer handle was
either hickory or ash. It had a mind of its own with
its rock hard surface full of grain that just wanted to
take my burner point everywhere but where I wanted
it to go. The photos are a few of the designs I managed
to burn into its surface. More to come when it is 

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