Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Old Sledge Hammer Part 2

Well I went kinda wild with the Viking and Celtic
knotwork on the hammer handle, but this
piece was just kind of a experimental piece to
see how the new wooden burner would work.
I hope to get a beard ax head for the top to
complete the hammers new life. What do you

Well as you can see my wood burning abilities need
some improvement, but its all about the adventure along
the way that is the fun part.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Father Oak

It has been said that when the Celts settled into a area they would
select it near a grove of oak trees. 
The druids would select a "Father Tree" so to speak as the tree would be the protector of the clan.
All meetings and gatherings concerning the clan would be held
under the tree. The following are some are some incredible
old trees in the U.K.

Ancient oak tree in Wales

Very old oak tree in Ireland


Very old oak in Scotland

From a movie but impressive none the less

Just tossed this in. I thought it was a cool photo.

My states former oldest tree the Wye Oak.
She was 500 years old. She feel in a storm in 2002.

Wye Oak down

Wye Oak as she stood in 2002

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Lure of Knotwork

 They say that interlaced pattern design had its origins late in the Roman
empire and the use of such line work can also be found in
Byzantine structures, Coptic art, Islamic art, Medieval
book drawings, Ethiopian art, Celtic and Viking stone work and
The most noted use of knotwork in the Celtic world of course
can be found in illuminated manuscripts such as
"The Book of Kells, "The Book of Durrow", and "The Lindisfarne Gospels."
It has been said of  "The Book of Kells" that it might be the work of
a angel and not of a man. I have to agree, although I have never seen
it in person.
Those of you who are of Celtic heritage might identify with the beauty
and mystery that knotwork presents. It has always been something
that I admire and seem to be drawn to.  The following are some fine 
examples of ancient as well as modern artists who have kept 
the tradition going and creating amazing works of art.

"The Book of Kells"

Modern day Celtic artist
 Bradley W. Schenck and his web site.

Modern day artist  Ben Crenshaw and his site.

Master Celtic artist Courtney Davis
and his web site

Artist and sculptor Patrick Gallagher
and his website

Artist Michael Carroll and his web site

Fantastic Celtic artist Jen Delyth and her web site

Modern Celtic artist Steve O'Loughlin and his web site

My favorite tattoo artist KNOTTY-INKS from deivantart.
see the link

Some other fine photos of Celtic knotwork I have taken
myself or got from the web.